Aug 13, 2007

Welcome to Web 2.1!

Under the umbrella called Web 2.0 there has already been developed a tremendous amount of services, especially social networks, like Facebook, Jaiku, Twitter, Pownce, etc. etc

By the time it becomes quite time consuming to be active on all the upcoming social networks, keep them updated with data, interests, connetions to friends etc. and use them for their purpose, discussions, exchange of stories, knowledge, pictures, music etc. etc.

Thus there is a growing need to work across the many platforms.

And hopefully a lot of people are working to developing facilities to post comments across sites, there are more initiatives to make it easier to handle IDENTITIES across more social networks, f.i. Profile Builder. I think all initiatives in direction to coordinate, integrate, aggregate all newly - and quite "anarchisticly" - developed services under the umbrella named Web 2.0 are very positive. Without such initiatives it will soon be more than a full time job just to keep up with the newest development in social media.

Some days ago I called the various initiatives in direction of creating better overview and cooperation in this wonderful and fertile wilderness for Web 2.1 in a discussion on Pownce. And I have decided to keep with that!

It is thus the objective for this blog to gather and present information on new intiatives to promote the development of Web 2.1. And you are all very welcome to contribute with:
- information about new start-ups
- idéas how to support the development of Web 2.1
- experiences with and reviews of the new tools

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Andrew said...

At the moment, there's a perceived rivalry between the various sites - a rivalry that doesn't have to preclude co-operation.

One of the things that web 2.0 technologies enable is responsiveness to user requests.

If more users were requesting interoperability, then I think it would be higher on the radar of the various development teams and business folks at these services - and then we're more likely to end up with a good solution that tears down the garden walls.

[disclaimer - I work for Jaiku]

Erik Willumsgaard said...

Thanks, Andrew, for your comment, which was a very quick one, taken into account that this blog only has been alive for very few hours!

Of course you're right there, living in a garden your self, where the walls are not that as high as in many other gardens!

OK, then we arrange demonstrations with banners "Interoperability, NOW", "Cooperation", "Aggregate!", "Integrate" etc. etc.

This blog will hopefully be one of the voices to be clearly heard from the demanding masses!