Aug 14, 2007

A selected list of integrative - Web 2.1 - services!

Hereby a little selection of some of the new sites with the aim to support overview of and interoperability between social networks:
- Profile builder:
- 8hands:
- OpenId:
- CoComment:
- Notifir (will be launched at the 1. of Sep, 2007):

It is my aim to create a complete and updated list of Web 2.1 services. The first version will be published here tomorrow.

You are welcome to provide with items for this list. It will also be nice with a short description, and - even better - a review of the usability of the concrete service


alice said...

It's about time someone will write about these web 2.1 services.
I discovered 8hands about a month ago and I'm so pleased with it.
It aggregates all my profiles and allows me to access them straight from my desktop! It's awesome!

Erik Willumsgaard said...

Hi Alice

Good to hear that there are others who feel the same need. And that you are using 8hands. I have downloaded and installed it, but not really used it yet.

It think it is a little too restricted, only providing access to six predefined services. What about f.i. Pownce and Jaiku, which I use quite much?

Anonymous said...

your missing

Erik Willumsgaard said...

thanks, ano, for mentioning

And I'm sure I'm still missing a lot. But please go on everybody with suggestions!

And have a nice weekend!