Aug 18, 2007

Too late with Web 2.1? !

I began collecting information about "Web 2.1 initiatives" some days ago, initiatives who, according to my definition should facilitate a more clear overview of the growing wilderness of Web 2.0 services.

But already now these 2.1 initiatives seems - not quite unexpectedly - to be a fast growing wilderness, where it can be feared that we will need a new layer of services to aggregate the 2.1-sites, which then should be Web 2.2!

I hope this won't be necessary, that the players behind the already taken 2.1 initiatives will begin to work together and integrate their solutions. Some have got the ideal brick for handling identities, others for group posting, others maybe for transfer of contacts and so on. If they build them together they could probably build a beautiful house with a perfect usability! In stead of keeping to their individual small houses, where only one facility is really functioning well.

What can you observe out there?
- An exponential and unstopping growht in "2.1-initiatives", or do we have most of them listed in the sidebar here under Web 2.1.?
- Some examples of cooperation between 2.1-players, or maybe vague signs at that direction?
- More 2.1-initiatives, that are still not listed here? You're also welcome to inform about initiatives, that are still only on the drafting board

PS to Facebook-users: I have now created a FB-group for users interested in Web 2.1. You are all welcome to join that.

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